Friday, October 28, 2011

Nashville & Ryker's Birthday!

So I'm a bit behind...  Life never stops!  This will not get me up to date, but it will take us back to the beginning of the month!  Baby steps right??

Tannar had a game in Murfreesboro, TN, (40 min. past Nashville) on October 1st and Ryker's birthday is on the 2nd.  I usually don't take any of the kids to the games, I know some of you are probably thinking I'm horrible, but until you have sat through a game chasing kids while being laughed at by the other players families because your kid just happens to be faster than you... DON'T JUDGE ME!!!  Anyway back to where I started, Tannar's dad Randy met us in Nashville and we had planned to stay Saturday night and head home Sunday.  I couldn't bear to have Ryker wake up without his parents on his birthday so I brought him and his bash brother along!  They did so well and loved seeing papa so it was worth a bit of chasing!  Picture taking during the games is not my strong point...  But we did get a few of the trip...

 I could not for the life of me get Madax to look at the camera.  
 At the airport.  Thanks so much to Randy for all of his support.  I don't think anyone realizes how much it truly means to Tannar and I when people come and support what he's worked so hard for.  

After dropping Randy off we headed home to get our party on...These pictures are at a gas station along the way..  Tannar was ordering food and we had a little photo shoot....  

 Is that not the sweetest 5 year old you've ever seen????

 This one made me laugh and cry all at the same time... I can't believe how big he is!  

 The food, my favorite part!

 Some of the presents, I didn't get a picture of all of them but he was spoiled rotten!  Thank you to our wonderful friends!
 Waiting to open presents!  

 I LOVE this picture!!!!  

 Miss Daizi!!!  It's her world, we just live in it!

More to come, but I can't put packing off too long...  Wish me luck, 3 weeks and we're Utahn's again!!! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


 So...  For those of you who don't know, Game Day is like a holiday in the Rehrer household.  Hence the capital letters..  The night before games, even for home games, Tannar has to sleep in a hotel with the team.  They go to a movie the night before the game, are required to sleep in until 9:45 am, eat insane amounts of unbelievable food, and sit as much as possible... save the legs...  I'm certain they get massages and spa treatments, but I haven't gotten any of them to admit it quite yet!!  I've highly considered trying out for the team just to get Friday nights off!! Anyway, back to Game Day.. I get side tracked!!!  There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVITY!!  If something goes wrong at home I do not bring it up to my sweet little hubby until after the game!!  Only positive thoughts..  The picture above is from the Arkansas State game.  This is the Tigers entering the stadium.  I wish SO SO bad I would have gotten a picture of the entire facility because it was AMAZING!!  It is a smaller stadium holding approximately 30,000 people, but it was by far the coolest field I'd ever been too!  
 This is several of the boys praying before kick off...  I tear up each time I see it... Hormones???  I just love to see the appreciation they each have for their opportunities...  For the love of the game...  
 Tannar is ALWAYS the last one to get up...  I love him for his gifts and his gratitude..   
 These pictures are all of Tannar pacing before kick off..  He can't sit still for more than 2 seconds.  He's jumping and running and walking and hitting himself in the helmet...  Sounds crazy right?  Football life
 Not sure how I feel about this one... 1 football player...  That many cheerleaders???

This is what our house looked like before the game...
 The best part about this one is that I didn't even tell them to kneel down and do the #1!  Ryker did it and Madax followed...  
 They love to pose!  LOVE THEM!
 She would pose long enough to run over to the camera and see the pictures...  This is her mid running!!  I'll soon teach her we DO NOT pull our skirts up for cameras...  
 Daizi was upset that she couldn't just look at the pictures...  Her brothers love her so much!
 Showin his #!!
 Gun show anyone???
 Sick of pictures yet??  I think maybe...
 My tender hearted tough guy... LOVE HIM!!

 I'm pretty sure she'll get away with plenty!!  Daddy's little girl!
 Ohhhh..  Love her little lips.. She's so funny!

GO TIGERS GO!!  Faith, Family, Football..  Livin' and Lovin in Memphis...   

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet the Rerhers......

So most of you reading this, family, friends, and cyber stalkers alike, know us, but don't know a whole lot about our lives since we've been here, there and everywhere...  Here's a little recap!!

DADDY, AKA Tannar Rehrer or #85
As most of you know, Tannar is preparing to play his Senior year.  We each have mixed emotions about this being his last year of college...  First obviously we're ecstatic to be able to have our life outside of college begin..  Get his career started, and see what's in store for  us..  But on the other hand, we'll miss our life style.  We appreciate everything we have SO SO SO much because we have worked so hard for each individual thing.  We'll miss the friendships and the comradery of our fellow starving students...  We'll miss his teammates and their girls...  But we've made friends that have touched our lives forever...  Enough about that, onto the good stuff, the season is just beginning and we've got a ways to go before we're out of the college life for good!!  Tannar doesn't like it when I brag about him so I won't get into how well he's done, but I can tell you all how proud I am of him.  I've never, in my life, met anyone who loves anything the way Tannar loves football.  He has so much passion for the game that I sometimes have to ask him which he loves more, me or football, don't worry I always win!!!  I've complained through out the years about how much football controls our lives, I've finally come to the realization that I can either accept it, and join him in loving it, or I can fight it forever.  It's not something that is going to go away.  I had to re-think it all and realize that I love it because it makes him happy... The things we do for our men...  He starts the season off with Mississippi State on September 1st...  We'll have a houseful of Rehrer boys and girls that are coming to support along with some Fords...  We will have a seat reserved for Scotty and I know Tannar will feel his spirit as he plays that day helping him jump high and run fast.  Love you Scotty and I know you're always with him...

We appreciate everything everyone has done to help and to support Tannar's dream through the years.  Keep him in your prayers that he'll stay healthy to finish out his dream...

Mama AKA Mags:
Well as for me, things are basically the same, just in a different area code.  Work, kids and football...  Oh and I'm pregnant.  SURPRISE!!!  # 4 will be here at the end of this year...  We find out what it is this week and we're looking forward to the new addition, stressing about it majorly, but excited all the same. I am working for an insurance adjuster and LOVE LOVE LOVE my job.  No one has a better boss or coworkers.  Life is busier than it's ever been, but we're learning to slow down and enjoy the precious moments.  Memphis is starting to grow on me and my friends here are amazing.  I love my kids more than I love to breath and I love watching them grow...

Ryker Easton:
Oh my Ryker Roo is getting so big...  He'll be 5 in October.  I cry about it, but I think the hormones are partially to blame.  He was the first and changed my life immensely.  I ask him all the time if he remembers the first time I saw him (he obviously doesn't, but I like to tell him the story.)  I think he's sick of hearing it!!  He loves to introduce Tannar and I to all of his friends and is so proud of his family.  He walked into my bedroom the other day while I was folding laundry and said, "mom will you put your hair down?"  In the 108 degree weather, I was little less than enthusiastic about it.  I answered no and grumbled about being too hot.  He says in his sweet little voice," I promise I won't touch it.  Will you please put it down, just for a second?"  I put it down and he says, "You look beautiful with your hair down."  He then turned around and left the room.  I cried like a baby!!  Even in my grungy sweats, no makeup and sweating like a fat, pregnant pig, he loves me enough to tell me he thinks I'm beautiful.  He has one of the biggest hearts and kindest spirits of anyone I've ever met, young or old.  He's so honest and if he happens to ever tell a little white lie he is the first to come clean.  He's one of the truly amazing people that were sent to this earth.  He will change lives and I know he has incredible things to come.  Breaks my heart that I can't keep him little forever, but I'll let him get big, but only because I have to!!

Madax James:
Our little Moo Moo will be 3 in November.  He has the same fun loving spirit as his daddy.  You can't help but look at him and love him.  He's got the look of hell in his eyes and 90% of the time he's tormenting and teasing everyone...  All trickery aside, no one can love the way Madax loves.  He has his daddies heart and is too giving for his own good.  I look at him and see life.  He' bar none the most giving person I've ever met in my life.  He will not accept his dinner, a snack, a drink, a new toy, ANYTHING unless he knows Ryker has one too.  He's 2 years old and would give you the shirt off of his back.  I can't help but think about how he came into this world.  Madax saved our little family and I'll never forget the strength of his spirit.  Since day 1 I've said that he knows more about this world than any of us.  He has wisdom in his eyes, its just under all the mischievousness.  Nothing makes me happier than when he climbs into bed with me and says "mom, I love you more than the sun and all the stars." And he means it.  His heart is huge.  His giggle makes me cry because it makes me so happy... Hormones again I think...

Daizi Kaidance:
Little Diva Daizi turned 1 in June.  She is as feisty as they come and she takes no grief from anyone!!!  She can hold her own and will more than likely be the toughest girl around, thanks in most part to her older brothers.  She is the queen and she knows it.  Not princess... QUEEN.. This house is her kingdom and she rules it... It's her world, we just live in it...  All sassyness aside, she is precious.  I'm her mother, and you can take my opinion for what it's worth, but I have never seen anything prettier than my little Daizi. She rides in the grocery cart and throws kisses like a beauty queen..  She'll keep us on our toes I'm sure!!  She LOVES to snuggle, especially with me and Tannar.  She'll curl up in her little nook, laying her head on our arm, and lay there for ever without making a sound.  She'll occasionally pinch my nose and wait for me to say "honk honk" and she'll often sit up and kiss us but other than that she's content just being loved.  She gets so excited to see us even if we're just walking into the room.  She's got a huge personality and is so fun to watch.  I could just gobble her up like a turkey...  She's so so smart and learns so quickly.  I'm interested to see how she handles a new baby..  Time will tell!

This is our world... Thank you to everyone who takes the time to look at our blog and takes interest in our lives.  The Memphis Rehrers